Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ben Suprunowski update

A friend of mine shared this prayer request earlier this weeek.  Please pray.  Miracles are happening and God is moving strongly.  There is a time of testimony that speaks to the soul about Jesus Christ and His Death and Resurrection--people have come to know about how wonderful God is and that He is real through Ben's stay at the hospital and his faith in God.  When God moves a person to believe in Jesus Christ and the power of the Cross to believe in Him and in Him alone--this I say is a miracle!  Below is a post by  David J Seehusen.  Thank you for praying!

blood pressure is ok. not stable enough to continue to do the intense surgeries that are necessary, hopefully that will change soon...on his way to get his braces off, he went into a tunnel and a car coming out of the tunnel crossed over the line and hit him head on. an entire family; guy wife, three kids in an SUV- walked away just fine all of them. had to pry ben out of the car/tunnel with the jaws of life. 1 puncture lung, the other collapsed. they were able to keep him alive with the breathing tube. had to be revived 3-5 times "he tried to leave us a few times". blood pressure keeps dropping. so they knew he had internal bleeding. by the grace of God the blood pressure raised so he was able to travel to Portland. every organ is filled with blood. they all have to be fixed. but nothing can be worked on till his lungs are better which wont happen till his blood pressure is raised... his pelvis broke in half and each half broke in half again. (which you can die from- he is being held together by a machine that is holding all 4 pieces together) they keep having to give him blood transfusions... 6 times the amount of blood he has, has been put back into him and now 30 units of fluid. a little movement from his fingers and toes, which means he is not paralyzed (in theory), they initially thought both legs were broken, but their no longer sure about that. the prayer is that he stays alive till the morning and by that time his blood pressure has raised enough to start some intensive surgeries

specifically for the family- "its going to be a long haul, that everyone can stick with it and stay strong. its really draining and tiresome with all the family and babies to take care of. but we are being well taken care of, the body has come along side to help in moral and spiritual support."

please share the link to this note with everyone and anyone!!! continue to pray that Ben would stay with us a little longer!

much love to all,