Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking action against my Psoriasis

Taking care of my body. Now a number of people may have already read a couple of posts regarding my skin condition—psoriasis. Not a fun thing to have or deal with, but in light of everything I have started to take action by focusing on being healthful!

Supplements. Psoriasis seems to hit me in seasons, and wet or cold or dry or hot. I am not sure exactly what spurs my skin to itch like crazy, but one way in which I combat my psoriasis is by taking fish oil or krill oil supplements.  This helps nip off the edge of any weather condition by just providing my body with omega-3 fats!  Omega-3 fats is the key factor to help suppress the inflamed skin. 

Here's a picture of Fish Oil I am using:

 Cod-Liver is another one of the really good things to take—but have you ever tried Cod liver oil? We have two bottles of—and they still remain untouched. It was….MOST DIFFICULT…to get anything down. I know it is healthful, cod liver is, but I have found something I cannot stomach or get my mind past!  I now learned that they have cod liver pills, but my memory of taste and smell has not quite faded enough for me to try cod liver pills.  So to me taking Fish Oil or Krill Oil supplements are nothing in comparison to Cod Liver Oil.

Healthy Eating. Another way I am combatting and taking action against my psoriasis is eating right. I am not a scientist or ever claim to be knowledgeable about biology or such—but what I do know is that if I put the right things into my body my body will have a good start. My mom and grandma were two good cooks in our house growing up. I had the opportunity of living with my grandma or “Lola” as we called her, and between the both of them we ate healthily. I did have tiny specks of psoriasis, but they did not stay. They only came out when I was stressed out or in the heat and sun. It was nothing but a pest, but now at present they have grown to become a pestilence! I can see how my eating habits have started to wane, and flour and bread are major differences in my eating habits. Bread and flours and sweets were hardly a part of my daily food intake. I never ate a sandwich unless it was in the form of a burger or if we were eating out and grabbing a quick bite. So maybe I am wrong, but maybe I am not in my view of psoriasis, but either way I will still win by providing my body adequate nutrition to combat this skin condition I have! I used to not have it so by eating healthy I will give my skin the benefit of the doubt.

Lotion and Water equals hydration. Juices, wine, soda—they are okay to have, but water is king. Drinking Water has always done good for the body. Seeing that we are composed 80% of it, it seems only right to help maintain that 80%! Another positive with hydrating with water, is that I seem to lose my cravings for sugar and salts (aka bingeing). Over all, skin and whole body feels great when I Lotion up with a calming lotion. I can tell if my skin is irritated and if my psoriasis is going to flare up. Every part of my body feels on edge and in a sense feels frustrated! Usually it is because I had not hydrated enough, or I had used a soap that dried up my skin. My solution to avoid a terrible scratching marathon is to grab Gold Bond Moisturization or my Eczema Therapy by Aveeno. Lately, both have assuaged my scratching marathons. A Good lotion on hand is key. If I scratch till the cows come home…my skin would just never get better!

I really liked Gold Bond Extreme Moisturization and am presently trying out Eczema Therapy by Aveeno. We have bought Gold Bond for months, but thought it would be neat to try out something that was in my court of Eczema-Psoriasis.  As of right now, my neck areas have healed up from not using lotion and excessive scratching.   It looks almost normal!  OH yeah!

My husband picked this one out for me at Walmart:

I have tried medicated lotions from the doctor, but found that yes it works but then not.  It is hard because the itchiness does not go away!  I am finding that lotion like Aveeno or Gold Bond have helped me more then using a medicated lotion that is in a little tiny inch squeeze container.  Also, I am afraid that my unfaithfulness to use it might have caused my skin to be "used" to it?  I do not know, all I know is that I have tried it but my itching got the better of me.  Using calming lotion seemed to work better for me.

Let's see, that is all I have right now, but these can be your first steps into taking active action against psoriasis!   The best advice I have right now is to beat the urge to scratch by lathering up with lotion.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own.  I was provided the Fish Oil to write about, but it does not influence my opinions or ideas in this post.  I also am not a professional when it comes to health, so consult your doctor or physician and use your good judgement!


  1. I have experience that Psoriasis before and it is really itchy. What I did is I apply a calamine lotion for it. It really worked. I have learned a lot from this blog.

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  4. These precautions really help! By the way, you’ve mentioned about your psoriasis hitting you in seasons. Does this happen when there’s an extreme temperature change? I’ve learned that temperature conditioning can help you get used to the change in temperature gradually. Also, during warm seasons, find a place where you won’t sweat too much to avoid skin irritation.

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