Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Comfybuns Custom-Cloth Wipes {Giveaway}

My first step in cloth diapering was of course cloth diapers.  Now our family has taken the plunge into Cloth Wipes.  The verdict?  Not bad or hard at all.  There are some prepping and steps that you do have to do, but the pay off is worth it.  I am so thankful to Comfybuns for providing us our FIRST EVER Cloth wipes!  Thank you for breaking the ice with your flannel wipes!

Double Sided Flannel Wipes:
Our first set of wipes has come from none other than Comfybuns!  Comfybuns has double sided flannel wipes that come in different sizes.  The size that I am finding to like the best right now is the 7.5x4.5 wipe.  It fits in my hand, and is not too big for small jobs and is great for big jobs.  I do find that for really big messy jobs that I prefer her 8x8 size, but for the most part the 7.5x4.5   (5x7 is enough cloth for me.  The thickness of the Double-sided wipe is also something to think about if getting flannel wipes.  I love that she always doubles her flannel.  The amount of wipe solution her flannel wipes absorbs is just the right amount--not too wet and not too dry.  I do not feel skimped out at all using flannel.  If you sit down to compare a disposable wipe vs. one of Comfybuns double-sided wipe you will notice the luxury of having a Comfybun!  

 Our Experience:
 Our wipes have a Savannah Print front with a rich dark chocolate flannel back to match.  These double sided wipes, are very wonderfully thick!  I am finding that when I go to prepare these wipes to be put in the warmer, they hold the right amount of wipes solution.  They hold enough solution that I can safely wipe away the mess without having too spill all over the place.  Ultimately, I am finding that it holds just enough solution that my wipe sitting in the warmer is not too dry or too wet.  
 The "Perfect" Wipe measures out 8x8, and it is "perfect" for big jobs and small ones!  She also does a more travel sized "Personal" wipe that measures out to be 7.5x4.5 (5x7) which you can see from all my pictures!  My Perfect Wipe just got used, and you can see down below! :)

These handmade wipes  are passionately sewed and stitched together with love by Jessica a WAHM and because she loves sewing--it shows up in her work.  For handmade wipes, they are very evenly shaped, and have a nice stitch to them.  After several trips in and out of the laundry room I am happy to say--NO fraying, NO loose threads and NO arduous curling up of the sides! We are Loving the durability of these wipes! 

Since that fateful day of running out of our disposable wipes, I am a happy user of ComfyBuns Custom Cloth Wipes; and am loving that I have already saved money just by choosing to use cloth!  If you like what you see and are interested in getting connected with Jessica and getting some custom wipes, check out her on Facebook page to order to see her selection of fabrics and prints!
  Here is just a summary of what Love about Comfybuns Cloth Wipes: 
  • Very Soft after multiple washing and usage
  •  Comes in a convenient, easy to use sizes
  •  Love that it is thicker than my disposable wipes and was able to hold the perfect amount of wipes solution
  • Very loveable and fun prints to choose from
  • The Cost will not break the bank!
Want to Win a set of ComfyBuns?  

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This giveaway will end on July 21, 2011 11:59pm PST.  TWO Winners will be drawn via and contacted via email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond to notification email, and fulfillment of prize by Comfybuns.  Must fill out form to enter.  Disclosure: The products were given to me for the purpose of this review, and have not in any way affected my thoughts and opinions of this review.  All opinions are from our own experiences and are 100% our own.