Saturday, July 16, 2011 held me in your arms during the hard times as a child.
You remember the tears I've cried looking up at the night sky.
You were there.
You held my hand
Caught those tears.

Growing up was not as easy as I thought it'd be.
I thought that things would get easier.  
Life is just as hard.
But you give me joys every day.
You still hold my hand at night,
and are there to still tuck this grown woman into bed.

My tears still come down, but God...
you still hold me just as before.

You still know my heart...just as before.

God, you are my God...and my first love.
God, I'm sorry I've wandered so much in my life.
Thank you for being the Father I need...who will love me 
not matter what I've done.

God...tonight....the pain is deep, the hurt inside me fresh.
You are here still.
Holding my hand
Catching these tears.