Monday, April 18, 2011

Bunchees Baby Bottle Bibs Review

Bunchees Baby Bottle Bibs was created and invented by Monica Jones of Ritzy Bitzy Designs. Inspired by the problem of milk flowing down or seeping from the bottle down into the necks and clothes of a nursing baby, she set about to solve this issue! Entering her idea into the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant program, Huggies chose to grant her funds to go chase her vision. Bunchees Baby Bottle Bibs materialized as her answer to this milk dilemma!

Life Before Bunchees Baby Bibs:
I often would have to tuck in a little burp cloth between her chin and neck. This method worked great, until she moved, or fussed. There are times where she struggled against lifting up her chin! She was just about the business of MILK NOW! Sophie’s neck would store milk up….ugh. Not fun. I would find chunks of lint and milk underneath those flaps of skin! I would do my best to clean them, but sometimes I did not do a great job and she would get red underneath there from moisture. Also, her clothes would get wet sometimes and have milk stains.

My Review and Thoughts with Bunchees Baby Bibs:
After giving these Baby Bibs a quick rinse and hang dry, I went to feed my daughter her bottle. I knew after it dried that it was a nice microfiber ideal for absorbency. I could not wait to see how it would work out with Sophie! I stopped breastfeeding at about 7 months, and started gradually giving her the bottle.

1. Bunchees Baby Bibs helped me have a fun time bottle feeding! No fighting with burp cloths! With these Bunchees Baby Bibs, I really had no worry of fighting with Sophie to get something underneath her chin! Using Baby Bibs is very easy! For one thing I did not have to keep worry about picking up a fallen burp cloth—inside the Blue or Pink part of the Bunchee is an elastic that just stays on tight to the bottle.

2. I liked that I could use any of my bottles for it—it stretches a good ways.

3. Great Fabric Choice for Absorbency and Softness. Even after the Bunchee was a bit wet from a quick wash, it absorbed the milk dribbles! The design of the Bib has three flaps. I could use the flaps to tuck right underneath the chin and to where the milk would dribble out of her mouth. The flaps I am finding are just about the right size for her chin. The Microfiber was an excellent choice for it was soft to Sophie’s skin.

4. These Bunchees made me really happy that I did not have to change her clothes or do laundry as often. I liked that I did not have quite as many burp cloths in the laundry to do. A Bunchee is so small and dries quite easily. Even if it is wet, you can squeeze out whatever water is left, and it is only damp. Believe it or not a wet Bunchee can actually absorb a bit better than a dry one. Or maybe it just absorbs just about the same. J she just grabbed the bottle, and started just guzzling the bottle down.  The Bib is not tucked under neath her chin.  Normally, one of the flaps would be tucked under to catch that little drainage seeping down!  So Here you can see that those flaps would be great to just easily tuck under the chin! 

Daddy is feeding her now, and as you can see the Baby Bib is under her chin with the help of Daddy's fingers. :)

You can purchase one of your own at :

I will post more pictures camera's cord is once I track down the cord I will post up pictures of Sophie and the Bunchees working together! :)

Disclosure: I received a Bunchees Bottle Bib for free in order to try the product and form an opinion for this review. No other compensation was received. The opinions expressed above are that of myself. Thank you to Ritzy Bitzy for allowing us to review your products!