Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fage Greek Yogurt

I did like the Fage Greek Yogurt and that more control was given to me on how sweet or how much fruit I wanted to put into my breakfast.

There are only a couple Greek Yogurts I like.  And this will certainly be one that I will shop for.  The serving size is perfect.  I am not wanting more or having excess in left overs.  In trying to get something that both my daughter and I like, Fage Yogurt passes the toddler test.  She was ecstatic about the fruit.  I had to make sure she did not only eat the fruit.  But all in all it was palatable and something a toddler could enjoy.

I personally like the taste it is smooth and creamy and great to know that it is healthy and is family run!  Our favorites were Cherry and Blueberry. I was a bit disappointed that for all the flavors Fage has only a handful of flavors were available in my store.  Fage was also not present in some of my stores.    It is really good in comparison to other yogurts we have  had in the past, and I hope that Fage continues to be carried in my grocery stores.  I was excited because I found them in Fred Meyers for a buck a piece!

Disclosure: I received the product for free in exchange for my review.  This has not affected my opinion about the product.