Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Bride for All Seasons Book Review, Hitching Post Brides~Review and Giveaway

My Review: A Bride for All Seasons is a book written by four authors who take on each of the four seasons and write a love story about a woman who has been a Mail Order Bride in the Hitching post! I remember learning and reading about these Mail Order Brides in my history class, but never imagined what it would be like…neither would have thought about the stress and anxiety that a woman would go through! These women were definitely courageous as they would leave all they are familiar with to forge a new life with a new husband far away from home. Not to mention what if a man or woman lied or overly exaggerated the "good" or left out the bad? I feel like tough times did in fact call for extreme measures....but wow, this book made me giddy and dream of what it was like back in those days!

The mischievous and dishonest Melvin Hitchcock pictures himself as the “matchmaker” when it comes to pairing up woman to man. While honesty is not his best policy, I absolutely laughed as he paired up some of the most opposite of people together. You see, he sort of left details out or added some details in concerning his clients applications. I loved it!

The story about each woman setting out to their future husbands was refreshingly different. Each bride birthed from the ideas and inspiration by different authors, made each story fresh and a bit unpredictable.

My favorite of all four brides was Winter Wedding Bells by Mary Connealy. I felt that the story of Megan and David was so charming and almost miraculous! David dying of some disease finds that a Mail order bride is just what he needs to take care of his son. No need to get attached to a mail order bride. Just need a mother for his son he thinks. But Megan a very strong determined woman lovingly begins to bring hope back to her new husband.

I absolutely loved the depth of love these two had for each other, and that being done in just a few chapters! I also loved how author Mary brought the two together in one of the most tragic yet comical of ways. Megan has a charm and a determination that wins over David. And while David wants to spare Megan any heart ache, even the roughest rugged of men will soften and start to hope because of Megan’s faithfulness in God’s faithfulness and her sense of duty to be the wife no matter what! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the ending. Made me laugh and probably hoot and holler!

I would give this book about 3.5-4 Stars. I laughed, cried, and probably drove my husband crazy because of these loves stories I was talking to him about. What I also appreciated was the appropriateness of these romance novels. I did not feel like there was “too much” information or details. It was just right.

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