Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Revolt Fitness: My enemy exercise--Pushups

So I have a weakness--Push Ups!  Tabatas has beaten me up during our Revolt Fitness.  I am determined.  Yes I was wiped out, and resorted to modified push ups, but I am determined to get stronger week by week.  I want progress and am okay with starting at a humble three or five push ups regular style.

I feel like since I have gained 30 pounds my arm strength to push up against my body weight has been more of a challenge to me than ever before.  I do love push ups in the regards that it works out my core and arms muscles.  Building up the strength to do unmodified push ups is challenging!  Let's face it, It is hard and one has to literally get down on the ground to do them!

So Don't Give up--Working to Improve my Push Ups
I did a little research, and found this helpful video.   I have enjoyed it and am motivated because I feel like this is something I can do!  I wanted to share it with you all.  And hopefully be able to bring help to someone else whose struggles are the dreaded Push Ups.

Here is the webpage that equally encouraged me: Improve Your Push Up (Even If You Can't Do One)

My Hope and Vision:
I am 172 pounds right now.  Yes, I have let myself go, and I can feel it with every push up I do.  I do not like carrying that extra 30-45 pounds.  I use ten pound weights while exercising, and that extra twenty pounds of weight is heavy!  I can only anticipate how "awe-mazing" once I get down to my target healthy weight.  Also hoping that push ups will get easier as I turn fat into muscle, and hopefully I don't have to push up against 172 pounds of me!

Also I envision at least I hope for stronger toned arms and a core that keeps my belly from rolling out.

I remember that back in May I tackled squats.  I hated squats, and day by day I felt increasingly capable of doing them.  I felt stronger and became so because I did squats little by little each day.  I have come so far, and now I do not flinch or groan in dismay when Nichole does squats in our Lower Body workouts!  I love them!  I almost feel like I need to do more for these particular workouts.

Regular Push Ups that I can do:
6/7--8 (updated)