Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flowers by Number: Children's Book Review

Flowers By Number a Children's Book

Perfect for her Age Level:
My daughter is at an age where she is inquisitive about the little details I miss.  She is fascinated with everything that grows, crawls and moves.  She pauses in midwalk to examine flowers and the grass and the creepy crawlies.  She has no fear of worms, and delights in picking dandelions and weeds.  It is amazing that at her age, 32 months (almost 3, YIKES!) how far she has already come.  

I was delighted to be able to review Flowers by Number because this book fits her level of curiosity and level of learning.  There is a clear way to count flowers.  Visually you have the actual number bold and up top for easy identification.  And the name big and bold for a finger to run across it while saying its name.  After reading the plant’s common name little fingers and eyes have easy access to plants or flowers below to count.  I think this is one of the reasons that make Flowers by Number a really great counting book that stands above the rest.  My daughter is almost three and even at this age she really enjoys this book.

 Our book came through the mail, carefully wrapped in brown paper wrapping.  My daughter likened it to a special present. 

The pictures are eye catching, bold, and colorful.  The whole feel of the book with its heavy pages and deep rich tones of colors impress on me the word “quality”.  

Educational and Fun:

It’s laid out perfectly for both mom and the young pupil.
I feel that it is a welcomed gold mine for learning!  The illustrations are both beautifully done and are accurate making it easy for children to familiarize themselves with plants as they stomp through their own backyards or woods.  This book has made it easy for me to teach my daughter about plants growing around us.  I have to admit I became interested in learning about the different flora native to the North West. 

Local Local Local:
Written by David Shapiro and beautifully illustrated by Haley Vair.  What makes me especially excited about this book is that both David and Haley are local to the Portland Area.  We visit Portland quite frequently, and have driven down and gotten lost a few times down Stark Street where Craigmore Creations publishes books.  It just kind of makes one proud to have a book that is published locally.

About David Shapiro (info from their website):

David Shapiro President | David R. Shapiro
David R. Shapiro is the founder of Craigmore Creations. Entrepreneur, entertainer and naturalist, David earned his BA in Natural History and Creative Writing from Prescott College. He is a student of nature through the Old World lens of natural history, which emphasizes a general knowledge of all aspects of the natural world. His heroes in the field are Alexander von Humboldt, Meriwether Lewis, and Annie Montague Alexander. As an author, David has been inspired by the imagination of his two children and has focused on writing for youth since 2008. Prior to that he wrote time travel adventures and poetry for adults. David lives in Portland, but travels often to be a part of the rest of the world. Read David’s Blog.

 Love what you see?  You can purchase Flowers by Number and browse other books published by Craigmore Creations on their online website.  

Price: $14.99
ISBN: 978-0-9844422-8-7
Size: 9 x 9
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32 Full color, illustrated pages
Category: Children/Flowers & Plants; Concepts/Counting & Numbers
Age: 4 and up


 Currently we are reading and reading and reading.  We visit the Library almost every week, and read at least two books before bed time.  In the car she brings a favorite book.  Waiting meals she is usually browsing a book.  She reads to Rudy our dog.  She reads while on the potty.   She enjoys reading.  I am proud to have my very own book worm in the form of a little girl.  She is a sponge and is Just soaking it in!


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