Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purex Triple Action Review

Experience: Using Purex has always made me excited because in comparison to other laundry detergent, it is consistently lower priced and I have found that it works as a great detergent in our household. Purex Triple Action promises to be even better than before at leaving our clothes "bright, white and clean". So what did I do? Well, I simply put it to the test. We were sent a full size bottle of this New Purex Laundry Detergent: Free and Clear against our Dirty Laundry!

  • My Favorite White Tee:  One thing I must say is that I have a favorite shirt that I know I should throw away because it has stains in the bad places "bra spots" I like to call them--and Purex saved them from the trash pile!  Well, I threw my favorite shirt in the wash along with my husband's socks and other miscellaneous white laundry.  When I pulled it out of the dryer I was pleasantly surprised that it actually looked white!  Not Dingy White, but white!  Some life long stains are still present, but some of the "Bra Spots" were gone!  

  • Andrew's White Socks:  Also, my husband's dingy rust stained socks came out pretty good too!  They smelled horrible in the beginning, he works where rust and wetness prevail and let's just say that I plead with him to take them off and put them straight in the hamper.  So these came out nice and white and smelling nothing like they did prior washing.  No musty man smell was left on ANY of the clothes I washed in this single load! 

  • Andrew's Work Clothes:  Another factor that I like testing out products on is my husband's work clothes.  For the most part men come home smelling of hard work, and pants are the best show of it all.  My job is to give him a fresh pair of pants that are clean and ready to go for another couple days' of hard work.   After washing once, the odor of hard work was washed away, and the overall jeans were pretty clean.  I think I might have to soak in a bit of Purex at the knees.  They kind of have some iron and metal smell there.  Overall, his pants looked and smelled free of sweat and grime.  

  • Ammonia smells and Kitchen wet towels: One thing that I do really hate is the smell of ammonia and other wet towel smells.  My daughter has been using cloth diapers, and well night time seems to be the longest time she wears her diapers.  Occasionally we do get some wet bedding, and I am happy to say that  Purex Laundry Detergent does a great job for cleaning these ammonia smells out of her clothes and bedding.  Our cats is another matter.  We  have one cat unfixed as of date.  He happily marked up his territory on our towels.  I usually use soap nuts to take care of these matters, but with a nice hot cycle and a bit of Purex Triple Action we were in the clear with nice fresh towels.  

In Conclusion, I do like Purex.  I am satisfied with how well this works without breaking the bank.    I do believe that our clothes did come out with more brighter whites and clean.  I know that before trying Purex I was skeptical because in stores the prices were lower than that of other laundry detergent.  After trying it out for ourselves, Purex Laundry detergent has proved itself to work well at a decent price.   We have a top loader machine, and wash laundry about 3 times a week, and have been using Purex for our dirty laundry for the last month in order to review this.

Disclosure: Purex provided a free sample of their Triple Action laundry detergent so I could write a review.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.