Friday, January 20, 2012

Purex Crystals and Jockey Sports Bra Review & Giveaway & Coupon

2012 Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra
This is a good sports bra.  Very supportive in the right places.  I did like that it was very comfortable to wear.  This Tech Terry Performance Sports is a bra that I like working my Yoga/Pilates excercises in.  I ordered an extra large, and found that it was snug, but I kind of like that extra snugness knowing that it will loosen up just a tad bit as I worked out in it.  I would recommend trying it on to find the right size and fit.

In wearing this sports bra, I found that I almost forgot I was wearing it.  I tried it on after washing it in Purex Crystals fabric softener.  The Tropical Splash scent was amazing!  I felt nice and fresh underneath.  Under normal circumstances one does not want to wash athletic wear in any kind of fabric softener, but the 2012 Purex Crystals are safe to use with athletic wear.  Purex Crystals does not contain oil that would ruin or prevent the wicking process of the athletic wear.
My Favorite facts about the Jopckey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra
  • There is a convenient key pocket so you can store your car and house keys in while working out. I cannot tell you how many times I want to go out without a bag or purse or having to deal with a key chain!  I think this is kind of nice to have.  I can stick my house keys in there and enjoy a run/walk with my daughter without having to figure out where to put my key.
  • Moisture-wicking sports bra helps keep you cool and dry.   I remember in middle school having an all cotton sports bra.  NOT FUN!  We would go outside in the heat for our Physical Education class, and poor us!  We would sweat the most in the bra area, and the cotton would just absorb everything and run through our clothes!  I remember learning that I needed to pack an extra bra so that I did not have to deal with a damp sports bra throughout the rest of my classes!
  • Breathable mesh panels.  A very nice aspect when working out hard!  Again, I remember those middle school days when the sweat would just get absorbed into my bra and not feel breathable!  This Jockey sports bra--where were you when I was in middle school?  Now that I am an adult, I am glad to have the option of breathable mesh panels!
  • Soft and Comfortable. The bands of this does not ride up while moving.  I love it.  It is also very comfortable overall.  I almost wore it to bed because I forgot I was wearing the bra.  I think that it fits nice and really supports me where I need the most support.  For working out in I would recommend this Jockey Sports Bra. 

2012 Purex Crystals
Alright, ever since I started using Purex Crystals for our non-cloth diapers I have been hooked.  The smell does get absorbed and just infuses our clothes and just smells great when pouring it out of the bottle.  Shopping for fabric softener is not usually something that can be easy for me.  I love trying out different brands and smells.  But I have found myself reaching out for Purex Crystals every time we run out of fabric softener!  I am clearly one for options and trying out new things, but have been hooked to Purex crystals for quite a while now. 

Here's some reasons I love using Purex Crystals.

  • No waiting for the rinse cycle.  Ever since I can remember....14 years old?  I remember my job was to remember to put the softener in during the rinse cycle.  So many times I found myself running as fast as I could to stop the washing machine from the Final Spin Cycle.  Other times I found myself having to redo the spin cycle--not fun as mom always found out I had forgotten the softener.  Back then, who knew that water was not free?  Well, with Purex Crystals, I never have to wait for the rinse cycle to come.  Neither do I need to miss out on adding the softener!  With Purex Crystals Softener one can just add the softener in the beginning with your laundry detergent.  The Purex Crystals Dissolves into the wash and the good thing is that it infuses into the wash leaving your clothes smelling fresher and soft!  No more waiting for the rinse cycle!  Laundry is now less hectic for me.  
  • Safe for towels, sports wear, children's clothes. Now when I started doing my own laundry in my own place, I learned that towels were not supposed to run through a Softener wash.  Why?  Well normal softener contains oil which causes problems in things like towels.  What happens is that the softener builds up in the towels causing them to be less absorbent overtime, and they tend to lose their fluffiness.  Purex Crystals do not contain oil, so it can safely be used on towels!  
Purex Crystals: Our WIN WIN situation
 Life is happy again for my husband since I have been introduced to Purex Crystals.  This is life before Purex Crystals: He loves his towels and everything smelling of softener.  We have had some debate over whether or not to add softener to our towels--there were times I gave in and gave him the joy of lovely smelling soft towels, and there were times I did not use any softener.  Haha he hated those times.  But now we don't have to compromise on good smelling towels or good absorbent towels.  We can have both!

Lastly I wanted to conclude with this about Purex Crystals!
The innovative Purex Crystals formula does not impact the sweat wicking of your new Jockey Sports Bra!

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Disclosure: Jockey and Purex provided free samples of their products so I could review them.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.