Monday, September 16, 2013

Brew Over Ice: Deliciousness from my Keurig

I am slowly growing into this Keurig kraze.  I love coffee, but only when I do not have to make it.  So I am only partial to the coffee I make in my home.  For some reason sometimes the satisfaction I get and feel is better when someone makes it for me!  But as of late Keurig has come up with some really tasty iced coffee ideas.  That...I really feel give me that feeling like I had just gotten an iced coffee from a cafe!  I rather am enjoying the taste of Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee. 

But I told you.  I am growing quite fond of this Keurig of mine.  I have gotten the opportunity to try out some teas!  I have "Brewed Over Ice" and made some delicious iced tea.  So much better than what I have ever tasted.  Nothing like real brewed iced tea.  It has a taste of goodness that beats canned or commercially made iced tea any day.

Snapple's Peach Iced Tea---
The flavor of the tea was amazingly perfect.  Not watered down or too sweet of taste.  It was perfect.  I actually had my husband drinking out of my tumbler...and was a bit worried he would finish it off.  In my opinion I will be shopping around for this because, I love the refreshing taste.

It is so simple and easy to do too.  Simply pour the water in, brew, and at the other end a mug full of ice.  In this case I had my Keurig Cup!

Really lovely blend of Peaches.  My favorite was the Peach Iced Tea.  The flavor was wonderful and the aroma is simply irresistable.

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