Monday, January 21, 2013

Kellogg's Golden Honey Nut Crunch Nut Cereal Review

Deliciousness is right!  I absolutely enjoyed this cereal.  It has the crunch I so desire and the sweetness of honey that my taste buds go wild over.  Normally I do not like eating cereals for breakfast just because I cannot find the right cereal that satisfies my daughter, husband, and me.  But this is perfect!  It is not too sweet, yet kid friendly enough for my two year old daughter. 

Texture:  The texture of this cereal is not too hard or too big for a bite.  I hate getting a cereal where the crunch actually hurts my mouth (like certain types of granola cereal) or is too big for my daughter to bite into.  This however was not too big or too hard.  It was crunchy enough and did not hurt to take a bite into it.   The flakes were easily eaten up by my daughter with not much ado.  I kind of like the flakes.  Usually I get some granola type cereal, but I think the flakes are much gentler on teeth.

I also like the little nutty-ess that sticks onto every flake!   From the ingredients listed,  it was a mixture of crushed up peanuts, almonds, pecans, and walnuts---yummy.  To be clear there weren't big hunks of the nuts, they were just kind of small. Tiny enough to stick onto the flakes if that makes sense!

Flavor:  The flavor is light honey.  Sweet but now overpowering sweet.  The flavor reminds me right away of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes--but not as sweet.  Great flavor that is grown up enough for my husband and I, yet perfect for my daughter's tastebuds to pick up on the hint of sweetness.

Verdict:  The two components of this cereal flavor and texture make it sort of irresistible in our family.   It was opened last week, and today my daughter happily finished it off!  I did spoil her with snack bags of it on the go.  Normally flakes are not a good idea for a snack, but these were tasty enough that she did not make a big mess at all.  Most flakes made it into her mouth. 

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Disclosure: I'm a BzzAgent and I received a Box of Cereal to try out in order to review and to give my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any other way nor was I forced to write an positive review.