Thursday, January 3, 2013

Keeping Clean Fun~Dial Foaming Handsoap

Sticky Fingers, Little Fingers, Dirty fingers...and I feel a bit too pinched for time to use soap!

There are just times when I had the thought of "I need soap, now, and without a mess!"  Things tend to slide with my two year old.  The thought of getting a bar of soap was just not quick or EASY enough for me.  So I used to simply wash my daughter's hands with warm water and send her off on her way.  

I know.  That is not the "good" mom way.  

Thankfully there is a fun and easy way to get those little sticky fingers to get soapy without much ado!

I cannot thank the inventor of Dial's Foaming Handsoap enough!  This little fun soap dispenser has made my life as a mother easier.  Not only have we improved our hand washing, but I know that my daughter's hands and everyone else's hands are clean!  

Reasons to love this Product:
 Simply press down, and the liquid soap is all fun and foamy.  I am finding that the foam not only is easily applied to squirmy little fingers, but also washes away easily.  With toddlers the fact that the foam is so easy to get onto the hands is a major plus.  I do not have to fumble around with a bar of soap.  The foam gets everywhere fast, and my daughter loves the bubbly foam.  

 The washing easily part is very important as it is really hard to get a little kid to stay still long enough for all the soap to wash off.   Another attribute I love about this Dial Foaming Handsoap is that it is antibacterial. Lastly, my husband figured out that the foamy action still works with a dish soap we had.  At least till we hit the stores to see if there are any refills for this dispenser, we'll have our dish soap to substitute!

Overall, I love it.  Fun Designs that I think has encouraged both my daughter and I to wash with soap. The Dial Foaming Handsoap is practical in my home and will become apart of our daily washing routine!

I did receive Dial Foaming Handsoap to try out and test in order to fascilate this blog post.  This review is my honest opinion of the product.  I was not compensated in any other way nor was I in any way told to write a positive review.