Sunday, August 14, 2011

Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers Review

Alright, I have heard all the ruckus of this Smart Bottoms through reviews and giveaways, and have been so excited and itchin' to get some for our household!  For some reason I just did not want to have my daughter never try these babies out!  I am glad that we have 5 to join our little stash of cloth diapers.  So now that we got a chance to use them for a good week, I just wanted to give my opinion too on these Smart Ones 1.0.  

A Bit about the Company:
Smart Bottoms Inc is a Cloth Diaper Company started by Christy and her family's decision to cloth diaper their children.  100% Organic Cotton and USA-Made Diaper are two things they are proud about at Smart Bottoms.  I personally appreciate these two facts about this company!
So I felt great knowing that the diapers I buy are going to support a family in the United States!  I also am loving the fact that the Organic factor of the cotton is well....Organic.

The Smart 1.0:
My daughter is almost a year now, and fits a Medium-sized diaper.  I love this cloth diaper for a couple of reasons.

#1  During the Daytime, I need no extra liners or inserts.   It has a great fit.  I do find that I can customize the size of the leg fittings a bit.  My daughter has really chunky legs--and still gets some redness because of the diaper, but it is not bad that I worry.  Once my daughter starts walking I know that she will slim down and the leg gussets will not be a worry anymore!

#2  I can use this diaper as a night time diaper.  The only thing that I am finding is that I do need an insert to help the diaper not leak during this length of time.  I have used this diaper 3-4 times at night, and love the ease of using the diaper, but I did find her clothes wet in the morning twice. So an extra liner should easily solve the problem.  (Right now she is using a Smart One for the 5th time.  I have no worries in the morning.)

#3  Trimness:  I found that the diaper was not too bulky.  At first I felt that it was HUGE, but I think that after prewashing it and preparing the diaper, the bulkiness went away.  Now after a week of using it, Sophie has broken it in and it works well underneath her clothes.

Alrighty, Thanks for reading! I hope it helps you out if you are considering purchasing her Smart Ones 1.0!  They are on sale at and are on sale:  5 for $50!  Original price is $20 a pop, so I recommend getting some since they are marked down at half off.  I took advantage of it and I am glad I did.  I do hope to try out a Smart 2.0 or a Smart Cover one day to see the difference and account for myself how well it works in comparison.  But until then we are THOROUGHLY enjoying the usage of this 1.0. 

I will post up pictures soon of my little one using the diaperes, but until then....
My batteries in the camera just will not last, I hate this about cameras and batteries: 
#1 Never around when you really want it    
#2 Batteries do not last as long as you really need it to!
If anyone has a suggestion for great camera batteries--reusable or not I would love to hear from you!