Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Day at the ShipYard!

Today was really special, for Andrew was able to take us in to see all that he does everyday!
  I have to say that I was grateful for his mom and sister being there too.  Between us all we were able to bounce the baby around.  Armed with our Beco we were able to tackle all the walking! 

We went on the USS Nimitz, and it was neat to see a tiny bit of the painting and blasting Andrew does on the ship.  It is indeed a beautiful yet overwhelming thing to stand next to this air carrier.  I had never imagined how deep the ship actually extends from what we see on the top!  Gorgeous.

Family day was filled with walking and meeting a couple of Andrew's Co-workers--one of which carried his little one in a Beco Baby Carrier and clad in BabyLegs!!!  My daughter was in our Beco AND wearing BabyLegs too!  I think it's so encouraging seeing other moms using the same stuff as us!  It just makes me wonder if she has a blog!  I should not have been so shy to ask!

My favorite part of the trip was just hearing and seeing my husband tell us about our job.  He was pointing out different parts of the ship he was working on.  He sounded so excited too!  I know its hard work and he hates it....but he sure LOVES telling us about what he does. 

Isn't that funny?

Well,  I am proud of him.  I am proud that he is my husband and that he works so hard to provide food and shelter for us.  As an afterthought I need to really let him know how much I appreciate him more often.  I know that I love it when I hear "I loved dinner tonight, hun!"  OR "Thanks for Lunch!".  I know we have hard times and fights, but I need to appreciate him more and treasure the times and not worry about life too much.

Well, I we had a blast today and now Andy has snuck out to his fishing spot on the Skokomish River to hopefully bring some salmon home!  He had better bring some fish home!  I am hankering for some baked salmon tonight!