Sponsors of A Verry Wooly Event

Wool Event

**Can you tell I am super excited for this event?**
I am working on getting more sponsors for this event so
this will be updated periodically!


I am so excited to have Janna, owner of CC Baby and mom to CC to be a part of this event!  I believe she has a knack for upcycling wool.  It takes a lot to envision something different and useful out of a sweater!  I have been inspired by her to try upcycling some of odd and end clothes in our closet because of her upcycled wool diapers.  Janna offers a lot of special sales and discount codes for her fans, so I recommend visiting her CC Baby Facebook page! She also offers customs and surprise longies and soakers!  One of my favorites from CC Baby on Hyena Cart is pictured above. 
 **If you are a first time customer of hers,be sure to contact  her for a special discount on your first time order!  And for you lovely devoted CC Baby users she has a 10% discount sale going on!  Code: 10off**

She has such an array of amazingly cute and fashionable wool cloth diapers.  I am so privileged and excited to have Mandi, owner of Three Happy Trees be a sponsor in this event!  One of her missions is to provide environmentally friendly products at affordable prices.  I must say this is one pictured above is one my current favorites from her Etsy Shop.  
 **Her Etsy shop is currently closed for a bit, but one may check out her Three Happy Trees Facebook for some pictures!**

This shop's specialty is unique handcrafted handmade wool items for children and adults.  I am so excited to introduce you to Susan, owner of Satch & Sol.  Satch & Sol is a boutique set in Seattle, WA.   I am a resident of Washington and lived in Seattle during my college days, and having Susan sponsor in this event just makes me all the more excited to be able to show off her boutique and handmade wool items she has!  One of this shop's specialties is offering handmade items that are made from Artists of Mongolia.  I must say it was truly hard to pick just one favorite from Satch & Sol, but there it is pictured above!

 **For the love of family and earth, Satch & Sol partners with fair trade artisan cooperatives worldwide and strives to be eco-friendly through product selection and business practices.**

 I am really loving what Candace at My Sugar Lamb does for her cloth diapers!  She has the most lovable  embellishments and fun quirky colors incorporated in her diapers.  One of my favorites, though sold out right now, is this lion longie pictured above.  She offers wool longies, shorties, fleece diapers, and lovies too!  She has a little one due in June!  So she is a tad bit behind in stocking a whole lot of diapers in her shop...you know how tired we get in the beginning!  I guess you can say she is getting ready yet another sweet Little Sugar Lamb! :) 

**My Sugar Lamb offers baby products that every parent and even baby can appreciate.  All of My Sugar Lamb products are designed and attentively handmade in Canada. **


Vilate from Nifty Nappy Diapers is going to be one of my guest posters!  I am super excited to have this Mama on board.  She will be teaching us how to take care of wool diapers using Soap Nuts.  With six children whom she has made cloth diapers for I consider that her diapers have been perfected over the years!  Though she is not currently selling diapers on her website, she does have 2 people who have cottage licenses to make her famous Nifty Nappy diapers. 
  • Marni at: https://www.facebook.com/rebourneclothing
  • Jeni at: https://www.facebook.com/redbarnclothdiapers
** I did want to note that she does have occasional sales on her facebook.  I have bought my wool longies from her through facebook in the past!**

I am also excited to have Sarah a fellow blogger come guest post too!  She is a Wife, Mummy, and Nurse!  I have to say she is one amazing mum to be able to juggle these very demanding jobs.  Connecting with other moms who love the Lord and cloth diaper is one of the reasons why I started blogging.  I find it encouraging when I am able to make a friend connection and get life advice from other blogger moms who have been in my place or is currently going through situations that I can relate to!  Sarah was one of those moms who has given me advice and I love that she LOVES THE LORD!  She is going to be "knitting" us a post with lots of good advice and tips on knitting longies! 

Would appreciate it if you grabbed my Wooly Button for your website :)

**Updated Dec 6th**