Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to get those Captured Moments in a Photo Album

With kids being young, I find myself taking a barrage of photos. Every moment captured is a memory kept--I feel the need to catalog and treasure! Sometimes...maybe too much. Perhaps it is just how easy it is to point and shoot without fear of wasting film. Do you remember those days? Where you have to wind up your camera and only have 24 exposures? Each shot had to count! I sort of miss those simple days. I sort of miss those days when we actually ran to get these pictures developed and placed in an album. It is always such a hassle for me to sit down a moment and sort through pictures and pictures of moments. Do you ever struggle with that? I do! When I finally got a quiet moment in the middle of the night, I played around with the thousands of photos I did have. And within an hour I had finished getting my photo album ordered!

Amazing right?

So how did I do it?

1. Carve Out the Time.
I know this is a hard one. If you needed to get something done, it is usually because we have had to carve out time. To Make it, we got to plan to do it.
 2. Gather and Load up.
Gather and load up those pictures that have been cluttering up your phone or if you are amazing--get that memory card out from your camera!
 3. Pick a Collection of pictures that you want to put in the album.
This is usually the time that I look at all the pictures that I have, and I decide what I want to do. Maybe it was a day at a park, or a birthday party or a day where you went camera happy...what you want to do is group them up together.
4. Import photos to Collage.com where you can start creating your photo album!
 I personally was surprised at how many hours I can spend arranging and rearranging photos. I have used and ordered from a few websites, but I have found that Collage.com is so truly very user-friendly.  Collage.com is one that I highly recommend.

Importing and Uploading to Collage.com
From the start, importing my photos is simple.  I found that Collage.com quickly and easily located my pictures.  I loved the fact that it gave me options to download from my Facebook and Google accounts. Sometimes I have pictures posted on my social sites that I have forgotten.  I find that having this option to download from other places is a great perk.

Easy Set up
Next, it gives me the quick option of placing the pictures for me. Sometimes it helps not looking at a blank canvas. I click yes usually because it gives me an idea of what this photo album will look like.  It automatically puts it in chronological order too!

Rearranging Pictures
Editing using Collage.com has been simple by far.  If you like to rearrange furniture--you will love how easy it is to move and resize pictures.  I had fun rearranging a page because there's this automatic button you click on that shuffles pictures for you!  Dragging and dropping pictures to the different pages was a breeze.  I liked the way Collage.com has it all laid out for me to see all the pages.  It was not constantly trying to figure out what was on which page.  I was able to see what my photobook would look like on my screen.  I especially loved how easy it was to go back and upload more pictures if I needed to.  Everything went smoothly and no crashing or loss of work done when I needed to upload more photos.  It was rather a pleasant and almost therapeutic experience!

Here's a Screenshot of what it looks like in the editing phase.  Here I have highlighted what I use when I have a collage.  The options to flip a picture, shuffle, change out borders, and more.  I really find it fun to find that perfect look.

Editing Pictures
Can I just say how hard it COULD be to edit pictures?  One feature that I have to say is wonderful is Collage.com's Editing picture tool.  For a person who is not really familiar with all the photo editing lingo--this feature that they have is perfect!  I can click to edit individual pictures--adjusting brightness, adding text, Cropping, and more.  This feature has saved me time.  There were a number of pictures that I have taken that were too dark, and I was able to quickly adjust the brightness.

I love the finished product. Not only did Collage.com capture our memories and finally put it into our hands as a photo album, but they also gave me a quality product that did not waste my time or money.
Collage.com is highly recommended by me.  I am excited to start on my next photo album!

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Disclosure: I did receive a free photobook for the purpose of reviewing and trying out Collage.com. I was not required to write a positive review.  All reviews are my personal own opinion.