Friday, October 2, 2015

Now and Forever by Mary Connealy

I received this ebook in order to write a review.

This book was an enjoyable read with characters who were both dynamic and memorable.  I loved the mountain men and their personalities when it came to searching for Tucker and Shannon(their main concern being Tucker).  I sort of wished there were more mountain men with their boisterous and proud manners incorporated in this book.  Tucker being born a mountain man and half Indian had a more romantic rough edged to him that was like able and maybe more fantasy than realistic.  It was ok with me, for it was fun to see him banter back and forth with Shannon whom he falls head over heels with.

  Within the first few chapters I was a bit confused with characters that seemed to just appear into the story without being mentioned that they were in the same room or introduced into a scene.  After figuring the first few chapters things moved nicely together a lot better with an easy flow.  The book had me reading till I finished it!

  Some disappointments or parts I wanted to know of.  I would have liked to see Shannon's struggle with doubt come Up earlier in the story as it seemed to have too small of significance in hindsight.  Also even if our antagonist met his fate, I just felt like there needed to be more of a satisfying end.  The way the Wilde sisters were moving towards different lives yet never opening up towards each other about their wounds from being in war.  Then there's the issue of having two witnesses to keep our barn burner antagonist in jail.....did they find Nev or Sunrise?  I thought Aaron was sent to fetch Shannon,but he never made it?  Just questions that I had towards the end.

Over all this book read as a western romance peppered with action, suspense, and some Christian aspects. I enjoyed it, and thought it is a nice light read.